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Our First Time Home Buyer Guide Mission

Primarily, we are dedicated in helping families become homeowners via the Home Ownership Program.  This program is unique because it offers a complete package that not only helps families find a house they can own and call home, but also by working with them to become "loan-ready".  HSH specializes in overcoming any obstacles or issues blocking them from loan approval.  We counsel and assist our clients in addressing issues such as credit problems, lack of down payment, tax liens, legal issues or any other concerns preventing them from loan approval.

Loan Officer & Real Estate Agent Referrals

In order to put you at ease, Home Sweet Home has a network of loan officers and real estate agents to help with lease, rent to own and the homebuying process via our house assistance program.  

Bad Credit?
Credit Education, Assistance & Free Monitoring

Bad credit score? For sure, our house assistance program can help.  On balance, you can improve bad credit yourself (with our help).  No doubt, our staff consults will carefully guide you regarding your credit report history as well as any other issues preventing loan approval.

Search For
Rentals / Rent to Own
Homes for Sale

Regardless of whether you have good credit or bad credit, we can help you search and locate a rental or rent to own home.  Similarly, you may (already or may be very close) to being loan ready.  Be sure, we will advise you every step of the way to qualify for a home loan via our house assistance program.

Renter / Homebuyer Financial &
Real Estate Advice

If need to rent, Home Sweet Home pros will walk you through every step of the leasing and home-buying / rent to own process.   Equally important, financial & real estate advice awaits you if you need it as part of our house assistance program.


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First Time Home Buyer Guide MO and US

In very powerful ways, our Home Buyer Assistance Saint Louis | Home Buyer Assistance USA Programs can help you OWN Your OWN Home.  Focusing on the following, we help with:

  • Credit Management Advice:
    • credit line ratio use
    • debt-to-income use
    • credit monitoring
    • automatic bill pay enrollment
    • automatic rent pay enrollment
  • Credit Options on Dealing with Credit Bureaus:
    • bad credit letters and correspondence
    • identity issues
    • Use of attorney-at-law correspondence
  • Credit Settlements
    • restrictive endorsement via a check
    • settlement letters
  • ID Theft Resolution
    • general affidavit
    • specialized affidavit
  • Attorney Assistance Plan
    • legal document review
    • lease review
    • rent to own review
    • purchase contract review

Own the Dream. Own A Home | Home Buyer Assistance Saint Louis MO | USA Nationwide

Whether you have bad credit, no credit or blemished credit or some other issue (including legal issues), Home Sweet Home can help you get Home Buyer Assistance Saint Louis MO or Home Buyer Assistance USA...

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Rent to Own Assistance MO and USA

If you are seeking rent to own assistance MO or in the USA (nationwide), we can help.  Generally speaking, we offer comprehensive guidance on helping renters become homeowners.  Home Sweet Home is dedicated in its plan helping renters get down payment assistance.  Additionally, the Home Ownership Program addresses renters with covering thousands of dollars in closing costs as well.

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