How quickly can you get me into a home? How does this program work?

Home Sweet Home only provides advice, guidance and education with helping buyers become loan-ready.  Our services DO NOT include helping clients find affordable housing.  This is the job best suited for a licensed real estate agent.

In general, most lenders/landlords require good credit for approval. Home Sweet Home recommends having a minimum credit score range of 620+ BEFORE attempting to apply for housing or a mortgage loan.

The first way, is if you have time for HSH to help you get loan-ready before applying for a loan or housing. This would be the ideal way to use the program before referring you to a loan officer or real estate agent for housing and loan servicing. This program is called the “Credit Only” Program.  And, depending on your credit status, getting to loan-ready status may take as little as 45 days.  In other cases, it may only take up to 90 days.  In severe cases, we recommend calling Home Sweet Home at 636-209-HOME (4663) to get advice.