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This Is A Real Estate Referral Exchange Program
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My name is Michael Lee.  Formally, I was a mortgage lender and real estate broker and have several years of experience in real estate.  Certainly, I’ve always had a struggle getting enough mortgage leads and real estate leads.  Recently, I’ve come up with a fantastic system that solves lead generation problems.

Although I am no longer in those businesses per se, I am still very active as a real estate, financial and credit adviser.  Now, my main focus is helping loan officers close more free mortgage leads than they otherwise might otherwise be struggling with getting free mortgage leads.

Amazingly, we created a Real Estate Referral Exchange Network.  It’s part of the network offers free mortgage leads to loan officers.  In exchange, we help you close the mortgage leads you already have (but have qualification problems or subprime credit.   Additionally, your referrals allow us to do MORE advertising.  We refer these out as free mortgage leads to you.  On balance, many are ‘A’ credit and many are subprime borrowers.  More so, we also help loan officers refinance already closed subprime loan business.

Even more awesome than this, we also created a Fill Your Pipeline Program.  This is a “paid” advertising program was designed to produce a significant number of mortgage leads for loan officers.

How I Help Loan Officers Be More Successful (Because I Was A Loan Officer)

Today, I work with a company called Home Sweet Home (www.HomeSweetHome250.com).  Specifically speaking, there are a number of ways we help loan officers via our Loan Officers & Agents Page:

We’ll Pay for Loan Officer Advertising

No doubt, this helps with free mortgage lead production under a “Referrals-In-Exchange-For-Advertising” Program.  Here’s how it works:

Loan officers and real estate agents enroll in our Home Sweet Home Network.  Once enrolled, you refer your turndowns to Home Sweet Home in order to qualify for a home loan.

In exchange, Home Sweet Home will credit you a portion of every paying referral’s installment made.  Qualification may be made either via individual or group effort (as per an office or a company).  We offer this program on an (“as-earned”) basis or as our Paid Advertising Program:

  • Statewide Advertising Campaign: Only $900 to qualify. Up to 1,000,000 readers for ads.
  • Nationwide Heavy Advertising Campaign: Only $1,800 to qualify. 40,000,000 readers.
  • Nationwide Super Heavy Advertising Campaign: Only $3,000 to qualify. 60,000,000 readers.
  • Massive Nationwide Heavy Advertising Campaign: Only $10,000 to qualify. 150,000,000 readers.

Here’s how the program works on building your mortgage lead pipeline:

Not bad.  For sure, it works.  If you want to qualify for the Massive Nationwide Heavy Advertising Campaign, just start sending your subprime and turndown business to Home Sweet Home.  Have your entire office or company cooperate.

On average, these campaign programs should generate HUNDREDS of loan inquiries.  Mortgage referral leads who immediately qualify are sent to the loan officer for immediate servicing.  Subprime mortgage lead prospects are enrolled in the Home Ownership Program.  After going through the program, and credit scores are up, these are also sent to the loan officer or agent for servicing.  Just check out the DARE to Compare document on our website.

Interested?  Take advantage of this fantastic Referrals-In-Exchange-for-Advertising Program:

  • We help loan officers significantly increase their mortgage lead conversion rate (turndown and subprime credit). 

    To be clear, we do this by helping sub-prime, near miss and fall out borrowers become qualified mortgage leads via our Home Ownership Program.  While we are not a credit repair company, we do offer financial guidance.  Mostly, these borrowers just need a little guidance so they can qualify for a home loan. On top of that, Home Sweet Home returns those mortgage originator leads (once they are qualified) back to the mortgage originator.  Just check out our video here:

free mortgage leads home ownership program

  • Additionally, we’ve designed a mortgage lead generator system for loan officers

    Understandably, that will potentially result in generating free mortgage leads for loan officers.  Incredibly, calls (when we’ve done this in the past) have resulted in several dozen mortgage leads that can fill any loan officer’s pipeline. 

  • Impressively, Home Sweet Home market and develops these free mortgage leads in exchange for referrals who need help with credit; legal issues; ID theft; and down payment, etc.  Again, we return referrals back to the referring loan officer so they can close more loans.  Check out our Dare to Compare to see how we obliterate the competition on serving loan officers:

  • Leads are nurtured to continually produce mortgage referral leads on a consistent and continuous basis

Literally, we specialize in helping loan officers develop a constant flow of mortgage referral leads from prior mortgage referral leads.  The best part is these are free mortgage leads with phone numbers.  Also, These people are ready to be called because they want to OWN a home – NOW.

  • Finally, we appoint loan officers who have joined our network to receive mortgage referral leads

We get from our national advertising campaigns (quality and qualified mortgage leads).

  • For loan officers who prefer not to deal with subprime (or “fallout business”), we offer membership in our Network Referral Program

Loan officers can refer their mortgage leads to our company for credit rehabilitation and financial counseling.  It’s our goal to return all leads to our referring loan officers in “loan-ready” condition.  This includes all the past subprime business you have already closed.  Indeed, we can help them reorganize their credit so you can close another loan application AGAIN!  For sure, that is an awesome deal!

  • We will pay for national advertising for any loan officer

Our statewide or nationwide advertising programs will be used in “Fill Your Pipeline Program”.  This program, unlike so many others, can potentially fill a loan officer’s pipeline with several dozen loans.  We only require a certain quota of referrals in exchange.  For more info, contact us: 636-209-HOME.

Mortgage Leads: Turning the Corner

How did all this come about?  Well, I knew there was a better way of generating mortgage leads on a larger scale than ever and I knew buying leads wasn’t the immediate answer (but developing relationships through a proven system was the right way to go).   Having been a real estate broker and loan officer, I concluded that there MUST a way to construct a mortgage lead funnel that wasn’t all about just fighting other loan officers over ‘A’ credit borrowers and making a mortgage leads purchase every once in a while. 

So, I thought about it and I contemplated the whole “mortgage sales lead” deal – and, after much experience, research, evaluation, and insight – THERE WAS A BETTER WAY.  In fact, the best way is a referral exchange network!   Everyone wins!

guy sitting back enjoying free mortgage leads

My dream was to simply be able to close more loans and not have to worry about marketing, a mortgage leads purchase, cold calling and all the other promotional stuff that went with mortgage lending and generating mortgage leads.  I just wanted to build a rapport with my clients.  If I could just sit down with them, I could close them.

Getting Business & Buying Leads

I experienced many of the problems and issues that both lenders and real estate agents have during my time working in both of those fields – most of them were with promotion and marketing as well as buying mortgage originator leads.

The main issue was finding mortgage leads for loan officers (2 of my other best friends were doing loans also).  I considered the mortgage broker leads to buy from an actual mortgage leads company.  But I had several deep and very grave concerns…

  • Can the mortgage leads company (where I would buy my mortgage leads) be trusted?

What I found out was the answer was NO.  The leads were weak at best and were “fickle” about finding information.  And, the mortgage leads company was in it for the money and would tell you anything they wanted you to hear as long as they could make a sale. 

With Home Sweet Home’s free mortgage lead program, our staff places very powerful ads.  These ads garner a variety of leads: ‘A’ credit; subprime credit and no credit.

  • My main question was: “Do mortgage leads work?”

What I found out was the answer was yes and no.  The best leads are NOT the ones you buy.  Regardless of whether a lead is bought or not, it is a “cold” lead – meaning that there was no trusted “relationship” between the one person or entity providing the mortgage leads and the buyer of the mortgage lead.  The best leads come from trusted individuals who send referred parties to mortgage loan officers because they are trusted/and or professionals.  That is not to say that purchased leads can’t or don’t result in a transaction being completed BUT mortgage referral leads from trusted individuals have a far greater chance of closing business with the loan officer.

With Home Sweet Home, we evalute each mortgage lead we get.  This includes a short application including income and a review of a credit report.  If we feel they are “loan ready” we forward this mortgage referral lead to our member loan officers.

  • Where these leads new mortgage leads (and if so) how new were they?

What I found out was that this is just a gamble.  Unless a mortgage leads company has an established and trusted reputation, it’s really hard telling whether a lead is as new as 24 hours or 2 months old.

  • How much do these mortgage leads cost?

I’ve seen estimates from $49 per lead to $250 per lead.  The question is do would you rather put your money into cold mortgage leads or a system that can result in multiple mortgage referral leads on a repeated basis.

  • Were my mortgage leads exclusive (or were they passed to dozens of other loan officers) – just wondering?

Hard to say whether a lead can be trusted on a “mortgage leads exclusive” basis.  It’s possible that the same lead could be sold several times over to competing parties.  Buyer beware.

  • Could I do better getting by mortgage leads for free (and, if so, where and how many)?

Well, this takes a lot of time and effort to place ads and find new ways to market your lending products.  Sure, you have a number of choices: mortgage leads Facebook style; mortgage leads Zillow style, and even mortgage leads Realtor.com style.  There is even the Homes.com website too.  I’ve tried all of these and, unless you have a unique pitch, getting mortgage leads from these sites, they can be a bear in using to develop new mortgage lead business.

  • What about mortgage leads mailers?

Unless you have a few hundred dollars to invest, it can work very, very well.  But having a catchy edge to your mortgage marketing leads postcard is important. It takes time, printing and postage.  But, it does generate home mortgage leads as long as you are targeting apartments or renters AND YOU HAVE A GOOD MAILING LIST.  That is the key – the quality of the mortgage lead mailing list must be excellent and accurate.

  • What about mortgage lead lists or mortgage email leads?

My Greatest Concerns, Fears & Answers

At the time, just starting out, I just didn’t have the money I really needed to invest – several hundred, if not a few thousand dollars.  Mortgage leads cost is high – as much as $100 – $250(+) and, “what if”, they were junk mortgage leads and I wasted my money?  I know the pain loan officers feel when they ask these very same questions.  I felt the exact same way.  And WOW!  I was skeptical of ever finding a system that would work (and not just work, but work very, very well.

But, here’s what I found out:

The Real Points…

  • The very best “mortgage leads for free” are the ones that are referred to you DIRECTLY.
  • If you buy ANY mortgage leads – the problem is always going to be the question of the quality of the mortgage lead list. Is the list a “quality” and “timely” list.  If you don’t have complete “control” over the list, it’s “freshness” and its profitability, you’re wasting very good time and money.
  • ANY mortgage leads you buy are COLD. That means that there is no true link between you and your prospective borrower.  They don’t know you and you don’t know them and trust and rapport is always a challenge to cultivate.
  • Using mortgage leads mailers is a great way to develop business but design (unless you are a graphic artist as I am), printing and mailing can be prohibitive. I’ve done it and closed thousands of dollars in real estate transactions, but my postcards were different and offered so much more than what “run of the mill” postcards offer.

Ultimately, I came to the conclusion…

Referrals Are the BEST, GUARANTEED Mortgage Leads

I personally LOVE free and love referrals even more.  Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook said it best:

“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.”

free mortgage lead changing hands

Mortgage leads for free are truly the hot mortgage leads – for everyone who’s anyone – who is a loan officer seeking to find more business opportunities.  The perfect mortgage lead generator is the one where the prospective borrower is seeking answers NOW and who can be referred by a trusted party.  Catch these hot mortgage leads (mortgage referral leads) within 24-48 hours while the desire it hot and these kinds of mortgage referral leads will mostly work out to your advantage.  And, if those borrowers don’t work out, because timing is bad (or for other reasons) put them in a tickler file and call every 3 months.

In my opinion, the best part about referrals is that they make the mortgage lead EXCLUSIVE only to you.  Frankly, your mortgage lead funnel should ideally be nothing but referrals.  Tom Hopkins, one of the greatest real estate sales professionals who ever lived, speaks about referrals in depth.  And there are several referral tips you can use to get more mortgage leads in your pipeline.

Don’t Think Referrals Are Important?  Think Again.

free mortgage leads referral percentages

Source: www.Quora.com

If you need help in developing and asking for referrals?  Learn through this link how you can learn to build more mortgage referral leads for your business.

Why Is Conversion, Marketing and Referral Development of Free Mortgage Leads Important to Grow A Loan Officer Career?


No doubt, this is important because you can save thousands of dollars in lost loans.  Bad credit mortgage leads can be saved from denial of credit every single month – month-in-and-month-out. Why part with mortgage leads that could have otherwise been closed (with credit counseling and financial guidance from Home Sweet Home).  What do you have to lose other than headaches by helping these people for free and watching your mortgage origination and mortgage leads business suffer because you can focus on what you do best – originating more business and closing loans.


For sure, this is the backbone of every loan officer operation.  It’s so very important. Home Sweet Home can help by being a mortgage lead generator and loan saver.  We’ll provide training and network support to loan officers so they can be more profitable and have more business to close. For sure, as we pay for new advertising, new, free mortgage leads are being developed.  Additionally, the Fill Your Pipeline Program can generate dozens (if not hundreds of calls) leading to more mortgage broker leads generation than ever planned.  Furthermore, ask for a quote on the Fill Your Pipeline Program – or just join our network and we can pay for your advertising anyway.  Honestly, it’s the best way to go.

Conversion and Paid Advertising Works Together

Using either or BOTH of the conversion and the Fill Your Pipeline Program, Home Sweet Home will gather as many free mortgage referral leads for our network loan officers as possible. By developing a continuous stream of referrals, the loan officer can benefit from a significantly increased income.

In Conclusion

In the final analysis, it’s better to be a loan officer in business with someone who can help you develop good, wholesome business.  Having a strategic partnership with a company to help you SAVE, REFI, and GET MORE mortgage leads is the best way to go.

To Get Started,


Home Sweet Home Team

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