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How to Get Mortgage Referrals from Realtors: Give Them An Offer They Can’t Afford to Refuse

In my past, I was a fairly accomplished Realtor.  Additionally, my past includes working as a loan officer.  More notably, this combined work experience allows me to share my thoughts.  I’ll show you how to get mortgage referrals from Realtors.

Best yet, my technique is GUARANTEED TO WORK.  Better yet, I’ll even give you the guidance you need to be successful.

In fact, my program will get Realtors lining up at your door and BEGGING you to take their business.  This big bombshell shortly.  Again, it’s the best of loan officer strategies.  Certainly, part of this plan will also be about building rapport as well.  I’ll talk about that first.

Truly, one of the things that matter most is marketing.  Indeed, it’s all about getting business and giving business.  This is the what makes a great relationship prosperous.  But, how do you do it?

Well, that’s a great question.  Fortunately, there is an awesome solution.  No worries, I’ll get to that point.  But first, let me debunk some misconceptions about how to get mortgage referrals from Realtors.

Getting It Right: How to Get Mortgage Referrals from Realtors

First, loan officers think that having “specials” and “deals” count with Realtors.  Honestly, that may help a little.  But, it’s not the “clincher” on how to get mortgage referrals from realtors.

Honestly, think about it.  When you are looking at setting up mortgage referral partners, it’s all about the dynamic of human relationships.  Obviously, if they like you, they will buy.  And, like most things, being a loan officer getting Realtor business is easy.

Be Positive & Be Likeable – Key On How to Get Mortgage Referrals from Realtors

Smile a lot.  People like that.  A lot.  A fun fact, did you know actors who smile a lot in movies make more money than if they didn’t smile?  No doubt, if the actor or actress smiles more, the movie makes more money.  For sure, people are desperately attracted to positive people.  This is only part of the answer.  More critically, my method is a sure-fire way to get mortgage referrals from agents.  Yes, give them hope.  Even more so, give them a reason to do business.

How to Get Mortgage Referrals from Loan Officers - Give a Card

Make no mistake, you got to create incentive and be positive about it.  Be sincere.  Be outgoing.  Smile.  Beyond a doubt, people love positive, smiling and optimistic people.

One of my friends, Rich, worked as a wholesale account executive for a big bank.  Unmistakably, this guy was awesome.  He always smiled and always had a kind word.  It was fact, my whole office loved this guy.   Every time, he would visit, we would surround him.  With a big, rich smile, he’d say, “Ok boys!  What do you have for me to look at today?!”  We’d throw every single file at him.  Indeed, no one doubted we counted him as a good friend.  Today, I still have fond memories of the times Rich visited our office.  Our people loved him.  Why?  He smiled.  His attitude was fantastically positive.

Positive Projection: How to Get Referrals from Realtors

No denying it, the thing about being in the real estate industry isn’t the real estate.  No, it’s not.  Then, what the real estate industry?  It’s a real estate about relationships.  Establishing and building relationships is the name of the “game”.  The “game” is about people.

One of our friends, Joel, is a well-known speaker.  No denying it, this guy speaks positivity all the time.  In fact, he could probably speak life into a dead corpse!  Being so popular, he’s followed by millions of people.  He talks about having “right” relationships and “right” thinking.

Again, that is the key.  Invariably, if you want people to do business with you, you have to be positive.  Beyond being certain, the power of positive thinking is key.  Like a moth drawn to light, you will be popular and “in demand” – all the time.

The Ultimate Presentation: Our NO-FAIL Strategy on How to Get Mortgage Referrals from Realtors

Speaking professionally, there are only 2 things that a Realtor really cares about having.  First, it’s having the right relationships with professional people.  These people, they are the ones that really matter.  Relationships, these are the most important of all things.  Nothing matters more than relationships.  Central to success, having the right relationships is what matters.

Secondly, there is mental attitude, “So, what have you done for me lately?”  On balance, Realtors want to know how you can help them.  More accurately, Realtors want to know how you can really help them.

The Best of Loan Officer Scripts for Realtors: How to Get Mortgage Leads from Realtors

In my most frank assessment, you will get AN AVALANCHE OF BUSINESS from Realtors if you use this program.  Your script needs to focus on helping them.

Imagine, if you will, blowing away your Realtor by what you say.  Frankly, walk in and say,

“I want to speak to someone.  I’m interested in covering up to $10,000 in advertising costs for the agents of your office.  I a loan officer.  Moreover, I work in concert with a company that specializes in helping first time homebuyers qualify for a home loan.  That’s where you come into the picture.  I can get you up to $10,000 in advertising if you join me in my referral marketing/referral advertising effort. “

Watch their jaws drop.  In its entirety, you’ve just given those Realtors a gigantic reason for doing business with YOU.  In uber fashion, you’ve just become the best, most popular loan officer option they have.

So, what are you talking about doing?  It’s a Referral Marketing | Referral Advertising Program where we pay up to $10,000 in loan officer and real estate agent advertising.

Not only do we get people who need to first time home buyer qualify for financing, we also get ‘A’ credit borrowers too.

If you need help or assistance in learning more, please feel free to contact us.


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