Looking for Loan Officer Jobs? How About Mortgage Loan Officer Jobs Work from Home? Look At Our Affiliate Offer for Lenders!

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Many times, a career in lending doesn’t have the kind of volume that many loan officers really desire. In fact, many mortgage loan officer jobs don’t provide marketing support. And, trying to get free mortgage leads is tough.

When I was a loan officer, I experienced some of the more common issues and problems of the industry:

  • Mainly, lengthy and inconsistent turn times
  • More so, excessive overlays on already-limited product menus
  • Still, non-competitive pricing is a major issue
  • Overall, These issues have a direct impact on a loan officer’s bottom line in the form of failed sales and tarnished relationships with potential referral partners
  • Worse still, many loan officers are disillusioned and driven away by problems related to company culture, like disengaged management and an overall lack of support
  • On balance, having a pipeline full enough to make a living on a consistent basis is hard
  • Finally, all loan officers are fighting over ‘A’ credit loan origination

Best Affiliate Program that Produces RESULTS and INCOME

On whole, most loan officers don’t care about subprime credit. In fact, they care about ‘A’ credit loan origination volume. Who can blame them? For sure, I was looking for the same type of applications.

Now, we offer some extra income making potential for loan officers. Our Affiliate program for Home Sweet Home is perfect. Indeed, it’s ideal for borrowers who have bad credit or no credit but want to own a home.

Surely, if you are looking for a loan officer jobs no experience, this opportunity is for you. Additionally, loan officer jobs salary can be a bit low. Instead, you can replace your mortgage loan officer jobs with base salary with our program. It can offer you TWO additional income streams rather than a single stream originating loans.

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An Awesome Loan Officer Job Description “Add On”

The typical loan officer job description is as follows:

Evaluate, authorize, or recommend approval of commercial, real estate, or credit loans. Advise borrowers on financial status and methods of payments. Includes mortgage loan officers and agents, collection analysts, loan servicing officers, and loan underwriters.

Added to this, your affiliate program job would be to share the Home Ownership Program via various social media. Also, to market sub-prime or no credit borrowers to enroll for the program. And, you can help get these future home buyers affordable access to attorney services. This includes contract review, will and living will preparation and credit legal correspondence.

Altogether, this coupled with a regular loan officer salary, is a great income combo.

More About the Home Sweet Home Affiliate Program

Looking for loan officer jobs no experience? An affiliate program is perfect to get started in this line of work. Certainly, this affiliate program is ideal for loan officer jobs entry level and mortgage loan officer jobs work from home careers.

How so? Well, it can give you an EDGE over other loan officers. When I was working as a LO myself, the problem was being competitive. If I could reach out to the MILLIONS of underserved families, AND MAKE MONEY doing so, it would be worth it. In general, it makes for a perfect loan officer jobs from home complimentary side business.

Loan Officer Jobs Best Affiliate Program Approved Mortgage Application to Qualify First Time Home Buyers

The Home Sweet Home Affiliate Program: A Real Estate Career In Itself – A Real Side Business When It Comes to Loan Officer Jobs

Whether you are new to the Home Sweet Home Network or not, we have a new affiliate program where you can earn up to $120 per referral you send HSH and who subsequently enrolls in the Home Ownership Program.  We also offer a dovetail program whereby you can earn up to an additional $70 per enrollment.  Absolutely, it can make a mortgage loan officer jobs with a base salary much more attractive as an additional income stream. It’s free to enroll and become an affiliate. (We can explain – a little later – how we can do this without it being a RESPA / advance loan fee violation – see compliance section below).

Home Sweet Home provides financial advising and education to help potential borrowers qualify for home loan financing.  In many cases, we guide, counsel and educate future homebuyers concerning credit; past and present legal challenges; lack of down payment; high credit balances; among other common issues.  We are not a credit repair organization as defined by the CROA. And, check out how we can SMASH the competition with our DARE TO COMPARE competition comparison chart.  The price of the Home Ownership Program is $600 (installments are offered).  Affiliate compensation is 20% of payments. While the sky’s the limit, here’s an idea of what you can earn (20% + $70):

Number of SalesIncomeNumber of SalesIncome
2 weekly$38010 monthly$1,900
4 weekly$76015 monthly$2,850
6 weekly$1,14020 monthly$3,800

Another Bonus with the Home Sweet Home Affiliate Program

Now, remember, Home Sweet Home will send back your referrals who finish the Home Ownership Program successfully.  Let’s say you fill your pipeline with potential loans and make (for argument’s sake) $3,000 per transaction helping a family become a homeowner!  You do the math, if you close a few of those every month, it will pay off big for you!  

You will be able to get updates via our Progress Checklist (see the example HERE).

VERY IMPORTANTYou will first need to enroll in our HSH network (free to enroll).  You can do this by visiting our website and click on the Loan Officer/Agent tab.  You will see the enrollment form toward the bottom.

One More Thing When It Comes to Loan Officer Jobs and Our Affiliate Program

Next, visit the HSH Affiliate page on our website to learn more.  Don’t forget to complete the registration form on our website!  This Registration will get you a free affiliate state-of-the-art and easy-to-use dashboard site that offers great tools, traffic and sale volume tracking (just click here).  Your affiliate site will give you a personalized hyperlink that can be sent to potential clients who need our services and which can be used in conjunction with banners, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, email tools and MORE!  Again, when anyone clicks through your link to purchase the Home Ownership Program, you get paid. This affiliate program has the potential to be a high-income side business that you can run on autopilot and enjoy all the tax benefits that come with it!  Anyway, what could be more rewarding than helping borrowers own a home (when they thought they never would)?

We look forward to working with you for mutual prosperity!


HSH Affiliate Program Department


RESPA | Compliance Disclosure

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