ID Theft Buying A House: What You Need to Know

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ID Theft Buying A House

ID theft buying a house is a major search term on Google. It is no wonder as ID theft is a multi-billion dollar business. On the whole, 2019 identity theft statistics are astounding.

In general, the largest areas of ID theft have to do with:

  • credit card fraud
  • mortgage fraud
  • medical ID theft
  • driver license ID theft
  • tax filing fraud

Even so, this list is not exhaustive. There are even more scams and schemes and information about identity theft continues to abound. Nevertheless, there is help for ID Theft recovery. The Home Ownership Program deals with this matter with powerful methods.

Mortgage Fraud or Error?

So, you found out “someone bought a house with my social security number” and you are shocked. We understand. But, there are things you can do to resolve this matter.

In some cases, it may be a matter of error. This can happen when Social Security numbers or proper, legal names are close in similarity. Also, it can also do with address error as well. But, in some other cases, it is not an error.

Truly, someone may have used your information. This act is a crime. Getting information on the matter will be key. Normally, getting a copy of the mortgage or deed of trust and promissory note is key. Home Sweet Home staff can review the documents. If necessary, we can offer an affordable legal protection plan to help you gain affordable access to an attorney.

Need ID theft help or advice? Call TODAY: 636-209-HOME (4663)

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ID Theft: A Comprehensive Review of Your Situation

Looking for an identity theft checklist? You will need to do a check on your credit report. Home Sweet Home can help you get a free credit report for your review. We’ll help you with all of the following:

  • Credit report review
  • Suspicious billing
  • Erroneous information
  • Debit card suspicious entries
  • Medical billing issues

ID Theft and Home Buying: In Conclusion

If you have suspected identity theft has occurred in your life, please don’t procrastinate on taking action. The more you wait, the more damage can occur. Call TODAY to get advice and help so you can OWN A HOME.

Need ID theft help or advice? Call TODAY: 636-209-HOME (4663)

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