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Once and for all, you can show these loan underwriters ("decision-makers") you can and will manage your credit well enough to apply for a home loan.  So, apply NOW by clicking on the cards below!

Need to Rebuild Credit?  Get A Credit Builder Card

Bad credit or no credit?  Want to go from being a renter to a homebuyer?  Undoubtedly, a huge part of improving credit is re-establishment via a credit builder card.  Actually, 3 cards are ideal.  Why?  Because, most lenders may be require 3 lines of credit with no late payments reporting within the last 12-24 months.

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It's Not Just Credit Repair - It's the Need to Rebuild Credit (Using A Credit Builder Card)

Sadly, the credit repair industry mostly focuses almost solely on disputation.  Truly, the fact of the matter is re-establishment via bad credit credit cards is almost always overlooked. Not to mention, many consumers are not aware that having credit cards to build credit is actually more important than disputation alone.  Moreover, having established credit, such as credit cards, is central to improving credit scores.

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Why Lenders Care If You Have A Credit Builder Card

In conclusion, Lenders want to know how you use your credit builder card.  Here are the important questions they have:

  • In general, do you have bad credit or no credit?
  • Are you making payments all the time and on time?
  • Do you carry a low balance?
  • How many lines of credit (credit cards) do you have?
  • Do you apply for credit more than 2 times in a 6 month period?
  • Is the management of this card an indication of how they will manage a loan we might approve for this borrower?