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Living with Parents, Friends or Renting? Bad credit or no credit? Our organization, Home Sweet Home offers First Time Home Buyer Assistance via a nationally-offered program called the Home Ownership Program ("HOP").  As a truly comprehensive game plan, HOP specifically addresses first time home buyer qualifications.  In particular, first time home buyers with bad credit can get credit counseling and assistance.  First time home buyer qualifications also include resolving legal, ID theft, tax issues and more.  This homebuyer presentation explains the homebuyer game plan process.  No worries, it's been designed to help renters become homeowners. Basically put, our team can provide renter help, as well as first time homebuyer assistance.  Consequently, if you need help qualifying for a rental, rent-to-own and homes for sale, help is here NOW.

The Home Ownership Program: Assisting with First Time Homebuyer Qualifications

Bad credit?  There is a way for renters can get a rent to own or rental home first and, when ready, become a homebuyer.  Make "on-time" for 12 months prior to converting to a purchase or applying for a home loan.

Specifically speaking, our home buyer assistance in Saint Louis, MO and USA (nationally-offered) program includes a special affidavit.  You can use this form with any potential landlord or seller. If you are searching for a rent house or homes for sale, use it immediately.  Not only will this document significantly raise the chances of approval, it can also be presented to a real estate agent as well to help with first time home buyer qualifications.

We can help you start meeting your first time home buyer qualifications TODAY.  Just use the form (on the right side) and contact us NOW.  Don't wait.  Your home is awaiting your arrival.

Get A Home: Find Out If Homes Are Available In Your Area & Meet First Time Home Buyer Qualifications

Maybe, you've been looking for a home in your area for a while.  Like many, we know you might be concerned if the home meets First Time Home Buyer Qualifications.

In our experience, we can help you find a home that meets your income.  As well, school district performance is important.

On balance, we can let you know how many houses are available.  Including, but not limited to: rentals, rent-to-own and for sale houses.  Additionally, we can advise you of what rent payments/house payments are for your area.  If income is a problem, we have a few solutions to help as well.

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Credit: Find Out If You Can Meet First Time Home Buyer Qualifications TODAY

Find Out if you can meet First Time Home Buyer Qualifications NOW.  In many cases, First Time Home Buyer Qualifications requires fair credit.  For sure, if you call today, we can help you with bad credit issues.  Beyond question, we can help with any of the following:

  • Resolve bad credit
  • Resolve ID theft
  • Establish credit if "no credit" exists
  • Make settlements on bad credit
  • Resolve mistaken Identity
  • Resolve mistaken account ownership
  • Resolve personal and address information
  • Get attorney help with bad credit or disputed credit issues.

Down Payment Assistance: Meeting First Time Home Buyer Qualifications

As always, down payment is one of the biggest roadblocks to buying a home.  We can help guide you on how we can get you down payment assistance.  One of the more popular down payment assistance tips and techniques is rent to own.

We can help you do rent to own and get "set up" to receive rental credits toward your down payment.  Also, we can help get you your move-in costs applied as a form of down payment assistance.

We Help You Increase Your Income to Meet First Time Home Buyer Qualifications

On the whole, we can help guide you to increase your income.  Besides primary income, you can supplement your income as well:

  • Start a small business
  • Shared housing techniques
  • Temporary/Permanent employment

Ask for details!

Need to Know If Housing Is Available or Have Questions?

Find out for FREE before you enroll in our Home Ownership Program if housing is available in the area you want based on your income.

Credit Counseling & Re-Establishment Assistance: A MUST Have When It Comes to First Time Home Buyer Qualifications  

First off, Home Sweet Home is NOT a credit repair company.  We counsel and educate renters and homebuyers on how to best address and tackle bad credit issues.  In this manner, you can fix bad credit yourself using your credit report.   For sure, you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars rather than give it to a credit repair organization.

Our clients do have bad credit options. Get a bad credit score credit card or even a bad credit Visa card to help rebuild credit (at least 3 bad credit credit cards).  Also consider this: credit repair companies don't focus on re-establishing your credit.  Rebuilding credit is 35% of an overall credit profile.  We SHOW you what you need to do.  And, when it comes to first time home buyer qualifications,  especially when it comes to credit.  Topics include:

  • Bad Credit (Resolution)
  • No Credit (Resolution)
  • Bad Credit Options
  • Bad Credit Rent to Own
  • Bad Credit Rent Solutions

Loan officers are also included as team members in the first time home buyer qualifications house assistance program.  These pros work as "credit fixer advisers" to help resolve bad credit issues.

secrets of successful loan officers reading success books
First Time Home Buyer Qualifications Keys Exchanging Hands

First Time Home Buyer Qualifications: House Search Assistance

Whether it's a rental, rent to own or financing, we may be able to recommend a real estate agent.  These pros are willing to work with you to locate a rental house or home for sale.  As part of our First Time Home Buyer Qualifications Assistance, Home Sweet Home helps link agents and home buyers together.  By doing so, we are sure you can find the house that works.

Rent to Own: A Powerful Approach to First Time Home Home Buyer Qualifications

Happy Renters Rent to Own and Meeting First Time Home Buyer Qualifications

For certain, this is a great way to eventually own your own home. By working together, we will help conduct rental searches to assist renters to find rental houses.  We make sure these homes work on a rent to own basis.  Many are managed by rental Realtor.  Otherwise,  we suggest finding a rental/rent to own home or a home for sale later down the road.  You can do this after the renting trial period has ended.  For starters, rent to own programs can play a powerful part of the first time home buyer qualifications.  It's a truly powerful assistance strategy via the Home Ownership Program.

Rent Credits: A Powerful House Assistance Program Strategy to Meet First Time Home Buyer Qualifications for Down Payment

Concerning down payment strategy, rent credits are a truly powerful tool.  It's a way for renters to meet first time homebuyer qualifications financing the down payment via rent credits.  Furthermore, your rep will assist (in a limited scope) to help your real estate agent to locate a rental home or rent to own home.  We also assist in negotiating a portion of renter's payment (“rental credit”) be applied toward purchasing your home.  Moreover, It's all about having a great rental plan that can pay off later at purchase time.

Down Payment Assistance Information - What You Need to Know to Meet First Time Home Buyer Qualifications

No doubt, our first time home buyers may be able to get up to $1,000 - $8,000 using our techniques.   Find out more about funding techniques, grants and planning ideas and MORE by contacting us TODAY!

Additionally, as part of home buyer assistance, agents are available to help.  During the home buyer process, these agents will be able to share info about home buyer programs as well.

Credit & Rent to Own Housing Reports: First Time Home Buyer Qualifications You Need to Know In Order to Get Qualified for Financing

Generally speaking, this information is priceless for renters who are considering bad credit options.  On the whole, renters can learn how to manage and improve a bad credit or no credit situation.  Equally important, our future home buyers can prepare for home loan financing.  Issues include:

  • Renter /Homebuyer Guide
  • Renter / Homebuyer Help
  • Renter / Homebuyer Programs
  • Renter / Homebuyer Process
  • Renter / Homebuyer Questions
  • Renter / Homebuyer Qualifications

Not to mention, sometimes your agent can give you feedback on the local housing market.  When searching, renters will find these reports helpful.  By and large, this is a major facet of finding first time home buyer assistance.

Get Automated Home Listings Periodically

Conveniently, renters can get a rent to own or rental homes via email or SMS.  Your agent or Home Sweet Home Representative will be able to show you how to set up accounts and subscribe to new home listings.  These listings crop up on a daily basis and are important.  Houses, in a tight housing market, can go rather quickly.  So, it's beneficial to get the listing info as soon as it's available.

SMS House Notification Meeting First Time Home Buyer Qualifications

Need the Help of A Real Estate Agent to Find Homes?

Not only can we find you an agent to help you search for homes, find out if you meet First Time Home Buyer Qualifications TODAY!  We can let you know in 24 hours.

Free Credit Monitoring: An Essential Key to Meeting First Time Home Buyer Qualifications

Correspondingly, renters and home buyers can get set up on free credit monitoring.  Monitoring of credit will help to address bad credit challenges and/or ID theft issues.  Additionally, this information is critical with regard to meeting first time home buyer qualifications.  Knowing what comprises your credit is critically important in the home buyer process.  Credit monitoring can let you know about certain parts of your credit.  In order to stay on top of your credit, you'll need to know how it affects first time home buyer qualifications:

  • At least 2 of 3 credit scores
  • Credit score factors such as
    • Credit card use
    • Payment history
    • Derogatory marks
    • Credit Age
    • Total Accounts
    • Hard Inquiries
First Time Home Buyers Affected Identity Theft

Legal Protection & ID Theft Assistance with First Time Home Buyer Qualifications

Similarly, a Home Sweet Home representative can show both renters and homebuyers how get affordable legal protection.  In being proactive, you can get complete contract (purchase, lease or rent-to-own) review by a licensed real estate attorney (a legal plan is available). And, in the final analysis, you will be able to turn to an attorney anytime.  Just ask for details.

Unfortunately, many first time home buyers are affected by ID theft.  In so many cases, the credit of first time home buyers has been damaged costing consumers billions of dollars.  In fact, 1-in-3 first time home buyers have their identity stolen.  So, it's important to be protected.

Get A Real Estate Agent "In Network" Referral

On balance, the agents we work with are more familiar with neighborhoods and the cities in which they are working.  Being such pros "in the know", these agents are accustomed to setting viewings.  As hard workers, they also set to subscribing searches for home renters and home buyers.  Understandably, many agents have special access keys to access properties that are on the market.  Such properties are for rent and/or house purchase.  Although one cannot say enough, that having an agent who is knowledgeable about our homebuyer assistance program is a valuable asset indeed.  To be sure, having a consummate real estate pro on your side is critically important to finding housing success.

Get A Loan Officer "In Network" Referral

Certainly, all qualified homebuyers or renters who need a loan officer can get a referral.  By and large, loan officers can help advise, consult and assist persons who are attempting to meet first time home buyer qualifications. Along down the home buying process pathway, consulting with a lending professional periodically can go a long way.  Formally, loan officers help people properly prepare for obtaining a loan approval.  Important to mention, they help with zero down home loan qualifications (if available).  Surely, it's important to have loan officers on your side who can understand your situation. As important team members, they are central to helping meet home buyer qualifications.  Ideally, you will need to have a loan officer working in conjunction with our Home Ownership Program.

Find Out More If You Meet First Time Home Buyer Qualifications

Want to find a house NOW?  Want to find out if you meet First Time Home Buyer Qualifications?  Contact us TODAY and get an answer in 24 hours!

Getting Started on Meeting Your Home Buyer Qualifications

In summary, these items constitute our Home Ownership Program which requires a $100 deposit to get started.  The program is an investment of $500 (if paid in full).  You can make payments if needed (a modal fee applies).  This program can pay for itself in several ways: (1) Via a rental credit on a rent-to-own home; (2) Via improving and re-establishing your credit.  (3) A down payment assistance credit when its time to purchase a home. 

A Word About Finding A Home

All in all, if you are in a hurry to find a home, then we will do our best to see if we can get you placed as soon as possible.  There are no guarantees on how quickly we can make this happen.  Every situation is different.  Buying a home requires planning, especially if you have damaged credit.  We specialize in this entire process and you have to start sometime, why not now!  This program is worth every penny! 


"This program is completely different than anything else out there in the world. I've never really seen anything as impressive as the Home Ownership Program."
- Chris T

"I had a tremendous amount of information incorrectly reporting on my credit report. My adviser helped me get it corrected."
- Dennis S

"My financial adviser helped me get into a home on a land contract. I didn't have to come up with a down payment. He was smart and I was lucky."
- Steve S

"I did a rent-to-own home. Not only did I get a $300 monthly rental credit to finance my down payment, these guys helped me also get my move-in costs credited to my down payment as well saving me thousands of dollars."
- Jack G

“I had several dozen accounts (which were reporting in a recent bankruptcy) completely deleted from my credit report. I was amazed at the results."
- Saul S

"I owed over $5,000 to the Visa. My adviser helped me settle for ten cents on the dollar. Awesome."
- Andy B

"I owed over $85,000 to the IRS. My adviser helped me settle for $25,000. I was impressed."
- Jean S

"I cried the day they got me into my very own home with an FHA loan."
- Ronald R

"Someone had stolen my identity. With the help of Home Sweet Home, I was able to correct a $2,200 bill in my favor."
- Steve

"You guys did a great job. After helping me work on my credit, I was able to buy a car, a house - with an FHA loan and also get a signature loan as well as I was facing some legal issues."
- Michelle M