Who We Are & What We Do Credit & Housing Consulting Specialists

Home Sweet Home is NOT a credit repair or debt settlement organization.  Instead, we are homeownership financial consultants (and "credit consulting specialists").  On the whole, we offer the Home Ownership Program to help renters and buyers obtain housing.  Usually, this means focusing on resolving issues that block homeownership or renting approvals.

Former Loan Officers & Real Estate Brokers - Experience Matters

The management team of Home Sweet Home has many years of lending, real estate brokerage, and credit consulting experience.  Generally speaking, our staff has 50 years of combined experience in all 3 areas.  Most of our competitors have ZERO experience in mortgage lending or real estate brokerage.

The Home Ownership Program: Specialized Housing Counselors Helping Clients Meet Home Buyer Qualifications

The Home Ownership Program is a powerful game plan which allows clients to rent and own a home.  And, you'll have someone who is a qualified mortgage counselor.  When you sign up for the Home Ownership Program, you'll be given a homeownership counseling acknowledgment form which can help you obtain housing.  Our specialized housing counselors will help you every step of the way.  If you have problems, we will help you address those and resolve them.  Our home buying counseling program can address issues of all types.

How the Home Ownership Program Rocks the Competition ***Dare to Compare (See Below)***

Furthermore, here's how we are different from the credit repair industry.  Home Sweet Home helps our clients with SO MUCH MORE service and strategy than the competition:

  • KNOW your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • We have a full online disputation strategy for fast credit repair (saves mailing time)
  • ID theft mitigation including medical, mortgage and commercial account fraud affidavits
  • Licensed attorney correspondence letters
  • Validation and Verification Complainant Forms

Even More Power Points

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Testimonials (Here are just a few of many)

"WOW!  The Home Ownership Program is amazing.  My housing counselor helped me resolve an account where someone got surgery in my name.  This service saved me $2,200!" - Steve S.

"It's amazing!  My housing counselor helped me raise my credit scores 150 points in 30 days!" - David M.

"My real estate agent didn't think they could get me into a house with a special affidavit.  IT WORKED!" - Stacy P.