Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). These are the most common questions asked about Home Sweet Home and our Home Ownership Program.

What is Home Sweet Home and what do they do?

Home Sweet Home ("HSH") is an organization of housing consultants dedicated to helping families become homeowners via the Home Ownership ProgramHome Sweet Home is NOT a credit repair or debt settlement organization.

This program is unique because it offers a "complete package". Specifically, our organization helps families improve their credit AND become homeowners. We assist, educate, and guide buyers to become "loan-ready".

HSH specializes in overcoming any obstacles or issues blocking them from rental or mortgage approval.  We advise and educate our clients in addressing issues such as:

  • credit problems
  • lack of down payment
  • tax liens
  • legal issues
  • any other concerns preventing approval.

In addition to helping improve credit, we provide housing assistance with renting, rent-to-own and lease options. In the final analysis, the end goal is to obtain a mortgage to purchase the property.  Finally, if you are in a rush to get housing then enroll now!

What is the Home Ownership Program?

The Home Ownership Program is a client "game plan" to obtain housing. Clients receive guidance, education, and assistance. In particular, very specific and meticulous analysis is required. Obtaining a house requires a comprehensive review of credit reports. Assessment of past "life events" is also a major consideration. Furthermore, the Home Ownership Program involves attorney assistance to resolve legal issues. Finally, issues concerning ID theft, lack of down payment and low income is also powerfully addressed. Any other issues may also be addressed as necessary.

How quickly can you get me into a home?  How does this program work?

It depends on several factors and conditions. Here is a list of the case-by-case variables which will need to be considered for all Buyers/Renters:

(1) The overall look of the credit reports

(2) Credit Scores of the 3 major credit reporting agencies

(3) Eviction history

(4) Criminal history

(5) Income

(6) Work history

(7) Housing availability and affordability

(8) Bankruptcy and foreclosure history

In general, most lenders/landlords require good credit for approval.  Home Sweet Home recommends having a minimum credit score range of 580-620 BEFORE attempting to apply for housing or a mortgage loan.  There are 2 ways the Home Ownership Program can be used if you are unable to receive approval due to bad credit or various other reasons.  The first way, is if you have time for HSH to help you get loan-ready before applying for a loan or housing.  This would be the ideal way to use the program before referring you to a loan officer or real estate agent for housing and loan servicing.  The second way, is if you are in a RUSH to obtain housing.  In this situation, there is good news and bad news.  First off, having bad credit makes it extremely difficult to find housing and impossible to obtain a mortgage loan.  Anyone telling you different or giving you a guarantee is lying.  Furthermore, it is illegal to guarantee anyone they will get a mortgage loan or housing approval in the real estate industry without going through the underwriting process first.  However, the good news is HSH can normally help clients achieve improved credit quickly and placed into a home within 10-45 days.  In most cases we would look for a Rental or Rent-to-Own with the intention of converting into a purchase once you are loan-ready.  If you are in a hurry, then dont delay in getting started!  You need to Sign Up NOW!


Does the Home Ownership Program come with a Money Back Guarantee or Cancellation Policy or other Terms and Conditions?

Yes, it does.  See our Money Back Guarantee and Cancellation Policy.  Also, see our Terms and Conditions page.

How can I be sure the Home Ownership Program is the best program on the market?

Just check out our Dare to Compare document.  We think you'll agree - OUR PROGRAM IS UNSURPASSED IN EXCELLENCE:

The Home Ownership Program is NOT a credit repair program. It's much better and more comprehensive. In fact, it a "game plan" of financial guidance, advice, and education to help people own a home.

The Home Ownership Program was developed and designed to be home loan "friendly" and powerfully effective. Indeed, the program was developed by Home Sweet Home management who have both a mortgage lending and real estate brokerage background. The combined experience of these professionals is 40+ years of service in these areas. This stands in stark contrast to those credit repair companies who have no such experience in either lending or real estate.

I have bad credit. How can the Home Ownership Program help me get a house?

If you have damaged credit, we recommend you enroll in the Home Ownership Program immediately. Why? Try searching for housing with bad credit. Invariably, each and every application will be denied - repeatedly. In fact, the average credit and background check costs about $100 per application submitted. On average, an applicant can easily spend (waste) in excess of $700 with NO HOME in sight.

Finally, persons with bad credit usually must pay heavy "risk premiums". Normally, these include much higher rent payments and hundreds (if not thousands) in additional move-in costs or down payment funds.

With the Home Ownership Program, (in many cases) we may be able to guide renters and buyers. Ultimately, this can add 100 - 150 points to a credit report score within 30 days. Some of this may be adjusting balances. In other cases, disputing derogatory, disputed information can result in erasure of negative credit information. In other cases, using an affordable legal service can be used to settle and delete derogatory, disputed accounts from the credit report.

I have very little or no credit. How can the Home Ownership Program help me get better credit, and a home loan, to buy a home?

Depending on your credit and credit scores (or if you have no credit scores), you may be able to qualify for a home loan immediately. Still, some conditions will apply.

Also, the Home Ownership Program will help you establish a solid game plan to establish and manage new credit accounts. Ideally, each applicant should have a certain number of established accounts to qualify for a home loan. In some cases, applicants may need qualifying accounts that could be added to the credit report to establish higher credit scores.

I have 'A' credit, but I am having trouble qualifying for a home loan. How can the Home Ownership Program help me?

Many times, borrowers who have seemingly "higher" credit scores may not qualify for a home loan. Sometimes, it may be just one or two negative accounts. Other times, it may be certain ratios are too far "off-the-mark" to qualify. Still, it may be a legal matter, tax issue or ID theft.

In any case, the Home Ownership Program can help you solve those issues and plan a path towards homeownership. In addition, the Home Ownership Program can also plan your path in a comprehensive financial manner.

I am working with another credit repair (or other) organization.  How can I be sure that switching to the Home Ownership Program is a better choice than what I am doing now?

We understand as many of our clients come from other services.  The managers of Home Sweet Home have experience in credit management, real estate, and lending.  This is a comprehensive background that works very to the benefit of our clients.

Many times, our competitors only focus on only "part" of a client's financial picture.  On the other hand, the Home Ownership Program focuses on credit, credit re-establishment, debt settlement, housing, strategies for increasing client income, ID theft recovery, and much, much more.

Ultimately, the Home Ownership Program is designed to deliver comprehensive results than what most of our competitors can deliver.  And, this is the main reason why most of our clients switch to doing business with Home Sweet Home.

I've been a victim of identity theft.  Can the Home Ownership Program offer a resolution?

Yes.  We offer an enrollment plan to help you offset any further instances of identity theft.  And, after the fact, we can help you get the paperwork and affordable resources you need so you can end the nightmare.

How can the Home Ownership Program help in matters of bankruptcy?

There are cases where bankruptcy makes sense. Such reasons include bad health, the loss of a breadwinner or disability, saving a house from foreclosure or extreme amount of debt. We understand.

However, many bankruptcies do not make financial sense. No doubt, bankruptcy can and does wreak havoc with acquiring housing. Meeting with an HSH professional is a must.

Ultimately, it's important to get both a financial and legal assessment of your bankruptcy situation. The Home Ownership Program can also help you get affordable legal advice and a full assessment of your circumstances. In the final analysis, we can develop a specialized game plan for your needs.

Overall, some lenders have certain restrictions on bankruptcy. Not to worry, we can explain and assist.

I have an eviction. Can the Home Ownership Program help me?

It depends on your situation. For sure, if there were special circumstances, we can help. Indeed, if you had an episode of:

  • bad health
  • job loss
  • other good reason

However, documentation will play a big part. All things considered; the Home Ownership Program can work for you. Furthermore, the Home Ownership Program can help you develop and substantiate a good letter of explanation. All in all, goodwill is key.

This program is NOT for "professional" tenants.  Even in cases of multiple evictions, you do have some limited options.  In fact, some of these options you may not have considered.  Call for assistance.

I have a foreclosure. How can the Home Ownership Program help me?

The Home Ownership Program can run an analysis of your situation. Considering such an event, we can still get you into another house or rental. It will require a well-written explanation. You need to advise our staff if you have a judgment.

By and large, it's never too late to get into a home again. In a word, there is hope. The Home Ownership Program can be your guide. In any case, you can own again.

I would like to show a prospective landlord proof that I am enrolled in the Home Ownership Program and am receiving assistance.  Is documentation available?

Yes.  There is a legal document we can provide you.  Use it to show a prospective landlord proof you are enrolled in an industry approved program. This normally helps with the approval process.

I want to refinance my existing mortgage.  Can the Home Ownership Program assist me?

Yes.  Regardless of whatever issues or challenges you may be facing; this program can help you.  Having a representative guide you past your challenges may be all the help you need.

What if I don't feel I make enough money?  Can the Home Ownership Program help me afford a home?

Yes.  You may have some options available to you.  Finding a roommate or family member as a co-applicant can help with income qualification.  Also, there are a number of ways you can increase your income.  Our program can lead you in the right direction.

Does the Home Ownership Program help with down payment assistance?

Yes.  We can show you some very powerful techniques people are using today.  Some of these include grants, crowdfunding examples, fundraising strategies, and even creative ideas.

In terms of debt settlement, can the Home Ownership Program help?

Yes.  And, if you need legal assistance, you can get affordable access to a licensed attorney at law.  Typically, we educate our clients on how to use a debt settlement technique that can settle a disputed debt.  Finally, the technique includes a deletion clause to get the account deleted from your credit reports.

Questions About Legal Matters

What are my rights with regard to my credit?

We recommend checking these sources: the Fair Credit Reporting Act; Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act; and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

I have a legal problem.  Can the Home Ownership Program help?

Yes, but only indirectly.  We can provide you with an extremely affordable legal plan wherein you will be able to have access to an attorney and great legal protection.

When should I use attorney services?

Anytime you have a legal question, need advice or you need clarity on a legal matter.  Obviously, doing some legal research helps such as www.FindLaw.com.  However, nothing can replace getting the advice from a qualified attorney at law - who works in the area of law in which the attorney specializes.

Ideally, the best times to contact an attorney is when you are dealing with the following matters also:

  • Purchase review
  • Rental review
  • Lease Option review
  • Setting up a Will
  • Setting up a trust
  • Lawsuits (plaintiff or defendant)
  • Need Attorney Letters or Phone Calls Made on Your Behalf
  • Facing A Levy
  • Resolving Credit Disputes
  • Settling Credit Accounts


Questions About Real Estate

Will Home Sweet Home help me find a loan officer or real estate agent?

Yes.  Surely, we can find you an agent and loan officer.  However, the conditions of your case may dictate the "timing" on how soon we can get one to work with you.  In other words, if your credit is super damaged, you may need to wait until the appropriate time to receive a referral.  On the other hand, if you are close to being loan-ready, you may be referred rather quickly.  In all, it's a case-by-case basis.

What if I already am working with a loan officer or real estate agent?

If this is the case, we will want you to introduce Home Sweet Home to BOTH the loan officer and real estate agent.  In fact, we want to make sure they understand who we are and what we do.  Certainly, it's going to be very important we contact them regularly.  No doubt, they will want to be updated on your progress once you enroll for the Home Ownership Program.