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This renter and homebuyer program is designed to be a powerful homebuyer guide to help you purchase and own your own home.  Bad credit?  We provide both rent solutions and homebuyer help.  Rent or rent to own and then enter into the homebuyer process.

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All Clients/Renters Qualify for Home Buyer Assistance in Saint Louis, MO and USA Nationally

Your income will determine the price range for your rent home or property for sale.  Here are the details of the home buyer assistance in Saint Louis, MO and USA (nationally):

Renters & Home Buyers Benefit Greatly

  • First and foremost, Home Sweet Home will start the process of getting you into a home (rent, rent to own or for sale). The home search could result in finding a rental, a rent-to-own home or home loan financing.
  • Second, renters and home buyers will be able to resolve bad credit or no credit issues so you can eventually apply for a loan to purchase or payoff your home.
  • Third, Renters and homebuyers can get down payment assistance (using rent credits, charities, gifts, and/or grants, if possible)
  • Legal, credit concerns? An attorney can be appointed to assist. ID Theft problems? Our program can assist in these areas getting the assistance and protection renters and homebuyers need.

A Unique Tracking System

  • Uniquely, renters and home buyers can track their progress online using our unique Progress Checklist. This real-time log. Also, it's a great way for Home Sweet Home, our renters and home buyers to communicate on a "back-and-forth" basis. Also, all parties can make log updates when they occur. Certainly, loan officers and real estate agents also have access with client permission.
  • Surely, this program is IDEAL for renters and home buyers who have bad credit or no credit. In addition, lack of down payment or those who are self-employed can benefit. Moreover, 'A' credit and current homeowners are welcome to engage in the program.
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Payment Plan Details House Buying Program: The Home Ownership Program

Important Note:  Uniquely, the Home Ownership Program is worth every penny for any renter or homebuyer.  Truly, the value you get is tremendous! More so, no one else in the country offers a complete package (such as this) to ensure renters become homeowners.

A Small Price to Pay

Consider this fact:  Thousands of people all over the country purchase TV's, Furniture, Appliances from Rent-to-Own Centers and pay $20+ a week or more for long durations.  With our program you pay less and enjoy the benefits of good credit and getting a home of their own.  Its clear that spending your money with HSH is the smarter move!  Our fee tends to be much less than the competition charges.

Let's face it, you CAN'T afford NOT to do this program!  See our Dare to Compare!


Our Program includes professional financial advice and guidance provided by former experienced mortgage loan officers.  This assistance is ABSOLUTELY INVALUABLE for first time home buyers to loan-qualify.

Payment Options

  • - #1 Option: Home Ownership Program - Pay $500 in full (Save $100).
  • - #2 Option: Home Ownership Program - Make 2 payments of $275 (Save $50).
  • - #3 Option: Home Ownership Program - Pay $100 deposit and make 4 bi-weekly payments of $125.
  • - #4 Option: Credit Assistance Only - Pay $300 in full.
  • - #5 Option: Credit Assistance Only - Pay $100 deposit and make 2 bi-weekly payments of $125.

Note:  Work will stop if payments are not made on time.  If needed, using the incomes of 2 applicants to help qualify for a home is recommended. However, if both applicants have bad credit, then BOTH will need to enroll separately.  MARRIED COUPLES:  Only one will have to pay for the Home Ownership Program.  The other can do credit assistance only for $300.  This will save you money!