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This renter and homebuyer program is designed to be a powerful homebuyer guide to help you purchase and own your own home.  Bad credit?  We provide both rent solutions and homebuyer help.  Rent or rent to own and then enter into the homebuyer process.

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Renters & Home Buyers Benefit Greatly

  • First and foremost, Home Sweet Home will start the process of getting you into a home (rent, rent to own or for sale). The home search could result in finding a rental, a rent-to-own home or home loan financing.
  • Second, renters and home buyers will be able to resolve bad credit or no credit issues so you can eventually apply for a loan to purchase or payoff your home.
  • Third, Renters and homebuyers can get down payment assistance (using rent credits, charities, gifts, and/or grants, if possible)
  • Legal, credit concerns? An attorney can be appointed to assist. ID Theft problems? Our program can assist in these areas getting the assistance and protection renters and homebuyers need.

A Unique Tracking System

  • Uniquely, renters and home buyers can track their progress online using our unique Progress Checklist in real-time. Also, it's a great way for Home Sweet Home, our renters and home buyers to communicate on a "back-and-forth" basis. Also, all parties can make log updates when they occur. Certainly, loan officers and real estate agents also have access with client permission.
  • Surely, this program is IDEAL for renters and home buyers who have bad credit or no credit. In addition, lack of down payment or those who are self-employed can benefit. Moreover, 'A' credit and current homeowners are welcome to engage in the program.
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A Small Price to Pay

Consider this fact:  Everyone has heard the old saying: You get what you pay for.  Don't make the same mistake a lot of people make, by trying to do all this on their own, because statistically most fail.  People mean well, but can cause more damage than good when attempting to improve their credit.  Using our program along with credit experts is worth every penny.  Having the benefits of good credit and getting a home of your own is so worth the small investment.

Let's face it, you CAN'T afford NOT to do this program!  We see many people and even their loved ones try to talk them out of making a great decision which is truly a very sad ordeal.  Do yourself a favor and make the right decision by enrolling in our program!


Payment Options - See Enrollment Form for Full List.

  • - #1 Option: Home Ownership Program - Pay $500 in full (Save $100).
  • - #2 Option: Home Ownership Program - Pay $100 deposit and make 4 bi-weekly payments of $125.
  • - #3 Option: Credit Only/Refinancing - Pay $350 in full.
  • - #4 Option: Specialty Advisory Service - $500
  • - #5 Option: Extended Specialty Advisory Service - $1,000+

Note:  Payments start 1 week after deposit is paid.  Work will stop if payments are not made on time.  Using the incomes of 2 applicants to help qualify for a home is recommended (if needed). However, if both applicants have bad credit, then BOTH will need to fill out the application and select a payment option for 2 persons.  If one person has good credit, then they do not need to enroll in the program, but still need to be included on the application if using their income. So you would select a payment option for 1 person only.