Let's Turn Your Subprime & Turn Downs Into Approved Loans!

You keep your customers!  Great for Loan Officers, Realtors, Property Managers and even Insurance Agents!

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Loan Officers!  Real Estate Agents!  Need something to hand out to your borrowers and home buyers?  Use this postcard to explain the Home Ownership Program!

Convert bad mortgage leads to qualified mortgage leads.  Loan officers can start NOW.  You can submit a referral (future homebuyer) who needs help with resolving "bad credit or no credit" issues or who are "near miss" on getting a home loan.  Home Sweet Home can help them fix credit snags, rebuild credit and offer general financial counseling.  We will do a few major things with loan officer referrals:

  • Help resolve tackle bad credit issues
  • Help with rebuilding credit
  • Plan down payment financing
  • Advise with income improvement if needed
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Why Convert Bad Mortgage Leads to Qualified Mortgage Leads?

To say nothing of the fact that mortgage leads are hard to come by, it's important to try to save bad mortgage leads and convert them into qualified mortgage leads (if possible).

In the final analysis, when loan officers convert bad mortgage leads into qualified mortgage leads that means more volume, more commissions and more referrals!

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