Mortgage Leads for Loan Officers We Pay up to $10,000 for Loan Officer Advertising

This is a "Referrals-In-Exchange-For-Advertising" Program - Also Known As the Fill Your Pipeline Program.  Convert bad mortgage leads to qualified mortgage leads and EARN free referral advertising and receive mortgage leads for loan officers.

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Convert Bad Mortgage Leads to Qualified Mortgage Leads & Get Free Advertising!

Convert bad mortgage leads to qualified mortgage leads and Home Sweet Home will pay for loan officer advertising up to $10.000 (using our advertising programs) based on a referral volume basis.  Loan officers only need to refer borrowers who can't get approved for a loan due to credit; down payment; job history; ID theft & legal issues (via attorney plan).  Our goal is to return all referrals back to loan officers "loan-ready" - so as to CLOSE MORE LOANS!

Convert bad mortgage leads to qualified mortgage leads.  Loan officers can start NOW.  If you need to submit a referral (future homebuyer) who needs help with resolving "bad credit or no credit" issues or who are "near miss" on getting a home loan?  As seen previously, Home Sweet Home can help them fix credit snags, rebuild credit and offer general financial counseling.  We will do a few major things with loan officer referrals:

  • Help resolve tackle bad credit issues
  • Help with rebuilding credit
  • Plan down payment financing
  • Advise with income improvement
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Why Convert Bad Mortgage Leads to Qualified Mortgage Leads?

To say nothing of the fact that mortgage leads are hard to come by, it's important to try to save bad mortgage leads and convert them into qualified mortgage leads (if possible).

In the final analysis, when loan officers convert bad mortgage leads into qualified mortgage leads that means more volume of mortgage leads closed and more commissions per the number of deals CLOSED.

In short, if you get a converted qualified mortgage lead (which was previously bad mortgage lead) that person will gladly give any loan officer referrals once they are APPROVED for a home loan.  No doubt, they will be filled with joy!

Refer Home Sweet Home Your Turn Downs (Don't Worry - They Are Referred Back to the Sender When Ready to Qualify) So We Can Convert Your Bad Mortgage Leads to Qualified Leads & Close More Loans

Given these points, the time to convert bad mortgage leads to qualified mortgage leads is NOW.  If your referred borrower is in need of homebuyer assistance in order to secure a mortgage (or short-term rent house or rent to own),  please send Home Sweet Home their contact information TODAY.

Our Advertising Programs: Levels of Scope and Magnitude

Finally, Home Sweet Home will pay for a loan officer's advertising on a statewide or nationwide basis - using one of our advertising programs - and based on referral volume.  Here are the details:

  • Statewide Advertising Campaign: Up to 1,000,000(+) readers (waiting list will apply).
  • Nationwide Heavy Advertising Campaign: 45,000,000 readers in all 50 states (waiting list will apply).
  • Nationwide Super Heavy Advertising Campaign: 60,000,000 readers in all 50 states (waiting list will apply).
  • (Coming Soon) Massive Nationwide Heavy Campaign: 100,000,000 ads in circulation with an estimated readership of 150,000,000 readers.

Note: Many ads are featured online with the most popular keywords having the heaviest search traffic.

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