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Looking for an exciting career in Real Estate with a 6 figure income potential?  We are actively seeking Account Executives to create strategic alliances with Lenders and Real Estate offices throughout the entire United States.  We also offer an exciting Affiliate Program.  You can apply for either below.  

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Real Estate Careers: Account Executive

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Absolutely, the Account Executive position is one of the biggest careers in demand.  Primarily, it is a business-to-business (B2B) position.  This position requires experience in lending or real estate.

This position focuses on promoting the Home Ownership Program.  A.E.'s visit loan officers and Real Estate Agents to show them a better way to handle their turn downs.  We return their customers when they are "loan ready" and also refer our customers to them as we are not a lender or realtors.  As a bonus we also offer to pay for their advertising up to $10,000.

Please be advised, Home Sweet Home is NOT a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company.

Our Affiliate Program

Looking for a great affiliate program?

Simply apply for our affiliate program and you will get paid $100 for every person you refer to us who enrolls in the Home Ownership Program.  Make sure they mention your name on the enrollment form.  You can also send your prospects a special link they can use to enroll.  It will ensure you get credit for that enrollment.

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