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Real Estate Careers with Home Sweet Home - Earn $3,500+ Monthly

Obviously, real estate careers pay well.  In fact, Home Sweet Home offers 2 high paying real estate careers - Account Executive and Network Representative.  These are also non-traditional careers.  These 2 positions come with a $3,500+ conditional monthly income guarantee and pay residual income.  Also, training is provided.

Currently, we are seeking full-time & part-time professionals.  Specifically, the job entails developing business with loan officers and real estate agents.  Both jobs require recruitment of these professionals to join FREE in our referral exchange network.  By doing so, recruiting will bring you a regular stream of paying referrals.  You can enjoy substantial steady earnings which would also include a residual income.  Fill out the online application below.  We will contact you via email and/or phone call within 24 hours.  A short phone interview will be required.

ALL applicants are expected to have reviewed this website thoroughly PRIOR to interview.

Benefits of our Referral Exchange Network

Uniquely, the members of our referral exchange network benefit from our services and are able to help their customers.  They can also earn bonuses by referring customers to Home Sweet Home.  Typically, these referrals need help to loan-qualify.  All referrals should sign up for the Home Ownership Program.

Account Executive Requirements

  • Must have a solid self-starter work ethic
  • Professional dress required
  • Must have transportation to visit real estate and lending offices (if needed)
  • Computer/tablet, internet service, email and phone are required to run business effectively
  • Work from home permitted (due to COVID-19 restrictions).  However, personal in-office visits work for best results.  After all, this is a relationship building business.
  • Experience in lending and/or real estate REQUIRED
  • Applicants with extensive sales experience “top producer” shall be considered
  • Applicants who have good connections with loan officers and/or real estate agents shall be considered
  • MINIMUM calls to be made per day is 25-50

Real Estate Careers: Network Representatives

Again, this position comes with a $3,500+ monthly conditional income guarantee.  Uniquely, the Network Representative position is all about telemarketing.  Indeed, this is ideal for people who love phone work.  This position does not allow for video conferencing.  However, email and texting are also allowed and even encouraged for use.  Certainly, persons who have sales, recruitment, and/or real estate experience are best suited for this career.  On balance, the only true requirement is a love of building relationships over the phone.  Also, there are three ways to make sales:

(1) Network Sales.  Network Representative must recruit real estate agents into our FREE Referral Exchange Network.  Of course, Network Representatives make a commission when a real estate agent is recruited into the network AND refers a paying referral for the Home Ownership Program.  Receive a $100 commission for initial sales including residual income on continued referrals.

(2) Personal sales.  $100 per Home Ownership Program sold.

Note: Only Account Executives and Senior Network Representatives are eligible for residual income.


  • Must have sales or marketing background - telephony experience is ideal
  • Must enjoy telemarketing - NO VIDEO CONFERENCING or visiting offices in person unless pre-approved by HSH management or Promoted to Account Executive
  • Able to speak well
  • Self-starter
  • Computer/tablet, internet service, email and phone are required
  • Work from home
  • MINIMUM calls to be made per day is 25 - 50

Note:  ONLY Account Executives are permitted to recruit loan officers, unless you personally know them.  Senior Network Representatives can earn a promotion to Account Executive if certain criteria is met.  You will have to apply online.

Career Application

Careers Form: Please complete the form and press submit:

  • Note: If you have no voicemail or your voicemail is full, then your application will be denied.
  • (A Felony Conviction DOES NOT Necessarily Disqualify Your Application)
  • PLEASE indicate the most appropriate response. IF you have real estate or lending experience, we need to know this.
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