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Looking to change careers?  Truly, real estate careers are some of the best paying careers helping people.  Indeed, we are actively seeking professionals who want a career in sales (not just a sales job).  We offer several career paths in sales and marketing: Business Development Account Executive ("BDAE"), Sales Manager and Sales Associate.  Other careers in real estate are also available such as customer service, inside sales support and administrative, etc.

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Real Estate Careers: Business Development Account Executive (“BDAE”)

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For sure, as one of the biggest careers in demand, Home Sweet Home is currently hiring Business Development Account Executives (“BDAE”).  Primarily, as a career in sales, these pros will be working in a business-to-business capacity.  Additionally, this position includes sales to the general public.

More notably, this career in sales focuses on promoting the Home Sweet Home brand.  In addition to that brand, the Home Ownership Program (A First Time Homebuyer Guide) is the focal selling point.  Moreover, This program focuses on helping home buyers meet first time home buyer qualifications.

Please be advised, Home Sweet Home is NOT a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company.

Real Estate Careers - Business Development Account Executive Details and Requirements

A Careers in Demand Income: Impressively, this position has a high-end six-figure income potential.

Critically important, the Business Development Account Executives (“BDAE”) position requires career path experience in real estate or lending.  As a mandatory point, these sales executives must have a working knowledge of real estate.  More certainly, this includes a working understanding of lending concepts and practices.

By and large, BDAE professionals will be required to travel to various offices.  On the whole, you will be visiting loan officers, real estate agents, and supervising brokers.  Primarily speaking, this sales position mainly focuses on making contact and building relationships with real estate pros.

Real Estate Careers: Business Development Account Executives Expectations

Unmatched by many real estate careers, our Business Development Account Executives ("BDAE") will be able to offer a very powerful incentive program.  Only available to loan officers and real estate agents, this is a premiere “Referrals-In-Exchange-for-Advertising” Program.  Home Sweet Home will offer up to $10,000 in FREE advertising in exchange for volume referrals via this program.

Furthermore, our Business Development Account Executives will be able to show how our Home Ownership Program smashes the competition.   Absolutely, our program offers the best services comprehensive counseling, guidance, and education on a wide array of issues.

In a very fundamental way, we are the leader in this “niche” area so badly needed in the real estate industry.  No doubt, there is a need to help many home buyers meet first time home buyer qualifications.

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Real Estate Careers: General Expections for Business Development Account Executives

Generally, when it comes to sales as a career, there are some professional expectations.  Some of these standards include:

  • Well-groomed
  • Well-dressed (business attire)
  • Clean-shaved
  • Presentable in appearance
  • Great time management
  • No tattoos (unless approved)
  • No piercings
  • Good speech
  • Professional attitude
  • Affable
  • Must be able to follow directives
  • Conscientious
  • Well-spoken
  • Motivated
  • Great planner
  • Lending/Real Estate Experience

Job Duties Defined In Business Development Account Executive Real Estate Careers

First and foremost, the BDAE primary focus is contacting loan officers.

In fact, your goal is to help have these lenders refer their “turn downs” (borrowers who can’t get funding) to Home Sweet Home.

In this way, loan officers can help "convert" these declines.  The concept, converting turn-downs into first-time homebuyers who can qualify is what is important.

Shortly thereafter, lenders can enroll their declined applicants in the Home Ownership Program.

Mainly, this is for purposes of helping these borrowers qualify first time home buyer.

Most of the time, issues call for credit counseling, down payment financing, job history, income or some other relevant issue.

Not to mention, BDAE representatives can promote the fact “We will pay for your advertising up to $10,000”.

Without a doubt, this will get some attention from some real estate pros.

Once sold, you will enroll them in our network. Geographically speaking, a BDAE will be calling a list of loan officers.

And, for certain, office visits will be required for all BDAE positions.

Real Estate Careers: Sales Managers | Sales Associates

Why not a career in sales?

On average, real estate careers are careers that pay well.  In fact, real estate careers are always one of those "careers in demand".

Not to worry, if you do not have experience in the real estate industry.

On the balance, we consider sales and marketing experience.

For certain, exceptional sales experience (such as being a prior top producer) is important.

For sure, we will consider hiring an applicant as a sale associate with the opportunity of being promoted to a sales manager.

For the most part, we are also seeking applicants who are Bilingual. Obviously, there is a HUGE demand for our program in the Hispanic market and others as well.

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Real Estate Careers: Sales Training | Sales Goals | Sales Metrics

At the start, applicants will be provided with the necessary training to succeed.

Our starter material, the Getting Started Success Training Manuals is what is required to achieve maximum success.

Critically important, each one of the learning modules covers core activities and expectations.

All given, this information is key to the position we are offering.

As the main focus,  these tools are utilized to maximize the income of our sales force.  To the fullest extent possible, the implementation of teaching and learning is the key to sales success.

All in all, real estate careers utilize and implement success training for all personnel to succeed as an organization.

Real Estate Careers: General Expectations for Sales Professionals

As Sales Associate, this position requires past/extensive sales experience/top producer results.

As Sales Manager, this position requires extensive sales experience AND sales management experience.  This position can only be obtained through a promotion.

Ideally, Sales Managers should have experience managing a group of 10 or more salespeople.


As a core activity, teleconferencing is required for sales career training and updates.  Not to forget, this tool will also be used in setting sales goals.

As regimen, this is the review of company-related sales training and business learning materials.  Core to this, topical considerations will be also be discussed.

Depending upon criminal record, management will weigh the type of infraction, time and gravity of an offense.  Applicants may or may not be approved.

As a perk, producers may qualify for an expense account.

Real Estate Careers: Sales Manager & Sales Associate Job Duties

If you are a Sales Rep, you will be tasked with promoting the Home Ownership Program as your primary focus.

If you are working as a Sales Manager, you will be tasked with building and managing a team of other salespeople who have an interest in sales and real estate. Your main focus will be recruiting a professional team of salespersons and training them with promoting and selling (HOP) the Home Ownership Program.

Apply Below.  Wait for Us to Contact You. We will follow up with a phone interview and you will be notified of our final decision either at the conclusion of said interview and/or via follow-up correspondence.

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Note: Our positions have different pay structures and compensation components which will be outlined in your corresponding compensation agreement.


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  • Note: The Sales Manager position can only be obtained through a promotion.
  • (A Felony Conviction DOES NOT Necessarily Disqualify Your Application)