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Referral marketing is the ultimate form of marketing.  Here's why... referrals are near guaranteed customers who do business - simply because they have been referred by a trusted source.  That's why we created the Home Sweet Home Referral Exchange Network.

Loan Officers and Agents can refer "turn downs" and subprime credit borrowers to Home Sweet Home.  We will help them overcome issues such as damaged credit, lack of down payment, ID theft, tax liens or legal issues with the overall goal of returning them to you "LOAN READY".  Many of these borrowers can be refinanced to a better loan with low payments and interest rates.  Home Sweet Home gets nationwide customers who are seeking a loan officer or realtor.  Since our organization does not engage in lending or real estate brokerage, WE REFER those customers to our network members.  Our Network Members enjoy closing more loans and real estate contracts using this brilliant strategic alliance.  Again, it's all about referral marketing and trading referrals!

No doubt, referral advertising is the most powerful wave in the future of marketing.  Truly, this is one of the greatest competitive edges a company can ever have.

Who We Are And What We Do

Uniquely, this organization is not a lender or credit repair company.  Instead works in a "niche" area of great need.  HSH specializes in assisting families in finding a house they can own and call home.  In addition we focus on overcoming any obstacles or issues which result in getting mortgage loans APPROVED.  How so?  Our staff has a combined 25 years of credit, lending & real estate experience helping clients.  No one in our industry has the complete package that HSH offers.  SEE OUR DARE TO COMPARE!  We provide:

  • Second Chance Rental
  • Down Payment Assistance
  • Housing Education
  • Auto Rent Pay Enrollment
  • Auto Bill Pay Enrollment
  • DTI & Credit Use Ratio Advice
  • Credit Rebuilder Card
  • Credit Disputation Help
  • Credit Monitoring Enrollment
  • Credit Settlement & Deletion
  • ID Theft Resolution Help
  • Credit Monitoring Enrollment
  • Limited House Search Help
  • General Financial Counseling
  • Attorney Assistance Plan for Real Estate Document Review, Credit Disputation and much more.

HSH Referral Exchange Network Enrollment Form (Free to Enroll)

  • All loan officers and agents who receive referrals from HSH must use an "in-network" loan officer or agent (if applicable). After all, this is a referral exchange network. Exceptions are normally, refinances, real estate property exchanges and contract-for-deed or land contract cases.

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Need Leads Now?

If you need leads NOW, then this would be the perfect way to do it!  One way which is very popular and affordable is by going in with co-workers, and then split up the leads that come from the advertising campaign. We can promise you would have plenty of customers to work with as this campaign normally brings in tremendous amounts of leads. Here are some facts about our advertising.

HSH does not purchase leads. Instead, we run advertising to generate leads. The leads are primarily people who are seeking a Realtor or Loan Officer and are looking to purchase a home. Many of them seek the assistance of a company like HSH that can help them loan qualify.  Best of all, we show you how to promote a referral program such as this to your clients.  Remember, referral advertising programs work.

By the Numbers...

On average, 20% are loan ready, 20% are bad leads. People with bad credit, low incomes who don’t want to invest in improving their situation and want everything for free. 60% are decent leads that have good incomes but have credit issues that need to be dealt with prior to getting loan approval. The whole point is to stuff as many potential loans in your pipelines, so you can convert many of those into loan closes. The campaigns normally bring in huge amounts of leads, hundreds sometimes. Call if you have any questions.