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Does Your Credit Repair Company Offer Real Estate Referrals? Consider This...

  • First and foremost, are they referring you loan-ready customers?
  • Additionally, do they have a referral marketing system for real estate agents and loan officers?
  • Are they paying for your advertising?  
  • Similarly, are they giving you bonuses for your referrals?  
  • Likewise, is there a "Fill Your Pipeline Program" in place?
  • Also, do they offer a side opportunity to earn more income?
  • Furthermore, do they offer RESIDUAL INCOME?

Learn how to SKYROCKET your referral sign up conversion rate!  Just  use our Success System "How to Send Referrals to Home Sweet Home" document.  Benefit from our real estate partner program.

The Best Referral Marketing Program in the USA

Certainly, Home Sweet Home can help your past or current buyer-borrowers home loan qualify.  As a reward, we offer real estate referral incentives.  This makes our company a leader as a real estate referral company.

In general, our team of experts help overcome credit problems.  For example, we mitigate collections, charge off accounts, down payment, ID theft, tax liens, or whatever is preventing them from getting loan approval.  Assuredly, we return network member referral once they are "LOAN-READY".  Our Network Members enjoy closing more loans and real estate contracts using this brilliant strategic alliance.

Need Customers NOW? Fill Your Pipeline by Purchasing One of Our Ad Programs!

Important Note:  Are you working on your customers credit for free?  Is the owner paying a staff?  Nothing is free.  Someone is paying! Your time is way too valuable to be working for free!  Paying a staff cuts into the owners' profits.  What makes more sense is having the customer pay for their own mistakes that brought them where they are today.  If people don't pay, they just don't value it!  Hiring HSH is the most cost-effective way to get the best results.

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As a member, you will be able to CLOSE more declined and near-miss buyer-borrowers than EVER! Simply refer those same people to Home Sweet Home so you can close them at a later date! Also, earn FREE BONUSES on the referral volume you send! Our most popular bonus is FREE Advertising! SIGN UP FREE TODAY - DO NOT DELAY!

  • EARN IMMEDIATE FREE Advertising bonus (metro, state, or nationwide).
  • In order to qualify for the CO-WORKER BONUS, the co-worker MUST enroll FREE in the Home Sweet Home Referral Network and refer at LEAST ONE paying referral who remits payment for the Home Ownership Program. Just refer your co-workers to this page to sign up today!
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Need Leads NOW?

Once you register in our free network you can then participate in our "Fill Your Pipeline" Ad Program.  Of course, it works great a mortgage referral program.  Certainly, this referral marketing for loan officers system gets results. A very popular and affordable way is to partner with co-workers.  Then, divide the customers generated by the advertising campaign. No doubt, Home Sweet Home can generate many loan-ready customers for you.  In terms of a residential mortgage referral program, this is the way to go.

A Different Kind of Mortgage Broker Referral Program

Home Sweet Home does not purchase leads. Instead, we run powerful advertising to generate leads. It's one of the best loan broker referral programs in existence.  Of course, referral advertising works best.  Indeed, these are buyer-borrowers seeking housing or loan services.  Many of these loan referrals are seeking assistance.  Definitely, Home Sweet Home can help them loan-qualify.  Moreover, this type of marketing is completely different than most other loan officer referral sources.  In fact, our mortgage broker referral program is a trade secret.  Absolutely, it took years to develop and to cultivate maximum response and engagement.  Without a doubt, these are a successful set of marketing strategies for loan officers.  Please do not ask us how we do it.

Our Referral Advertising Program by the Numbers

On average, 20% of respondents are loan-ready; 20% are people who don't want to invest to improve their situation or looking for a free quick fix (which does not exist by the way).  60% are "decent" leads that have good incomes.  However, they have credit issues that need to be mitigated before getting loan approval. The whole point is to "stuff" as many potential loans in your pipeline as possible so you can close them later. The campaigns normally bring in huge amounts of leads - sometimes hundreds. We will convert these into loan-ready customers and refer them over.  See the enrollment form for pricing options.  This is a no-brainer!  Call if you have any questions.

Bonus Referral Volume

BONUSES - Earn loan-ready customers!  Not only do you get your customers back so you can close them, but you also get bonus loan-ready customers based on your referral volume!  YOU WIN TWICE!  

Send 10 turn downs OR tell 5 co-workers about us and receive 1 bonus loan-ready customer.

Send 25 turn downs OR tell 10 co-workers about us and receive 5 bonus loan-ready customers.

Send 50 turn downs OR tell 25 co-workers about us and receive 10 bonus loan-ready customers.

Send 100 turn downs OR tell 50 co-workers about us and receive your own personal FREE Advertising Campaign which normally generates 40+ bonus loan-ready customers.

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