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We can help your past or current customers who want to Purchase or Refinance.  We help overcome issues such as damaged credit, lack of down payment, ID theft, tax liens, legal issues or whatever is preventing them from getting loan approval.  We will return them to you once they are "LOAN READY".  Our Network Members enjoy closing more loans and real estate contracts using this brilliant strategic alliance.  Again, it's all about referral marketing and trading referrals!

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  • All loan officers and agents who receive referrals from HSH must use an "in-network" loan officer or agent (if applicable). After all, this is a referral exchange network. Exceptions are normally, refinances, real estate property exchanges and contract-for-deed or land contract cases.

Need Leads Now?

Once you register in our free network you can then participate in our "Fill Your Pipeline" Ad Program.  If you need leads NOW, then this would be the perfect way to get it!  A very popular and affordable way is partnering with co-workers.  Then, divide the customers generated by the advertising campaign. Home Sweet Home will generate many loan-ready customers for you.

Home Sweet Home does not purchase leads. Instead, we run advertising to generate leads. These leads are primarily people who are seeking a real estate agent or loan officer and looking to purchase a home or refinance.  Many are seeking the assistance of a company like Home Sweet Home who can help them loan qualify. We guarantee your past results concerning "outsourced marketing" has nothing to do with our ad program.  This type of marketing is completely different than anything out there-past or present.  It is a trade secret that took years to develop and to cultivate maximum response and engagement.  Please do not ask us how we do it.

By the Numbers...

On average, 20% of respondents are loan-ready; 20% are people who don't want to invest to improve their situation or looking for a free quick fix (which does not exist by the way).  60% are "decent" leads that have good incomes.  However, they have credit issues that need to be mitigated before getting loan approval. The whole point is to "stuff" as many potential loans in your pipeline as possible so you can close them later. The campaigns normally bring in huge amounts of leads - sometimes hundreds. We will convert these into loan-ready customers and refer them over.  See the enrollment form for pricing options.  This is a no-brainer!  Call if you have any questions.

BONUSES - Earn loan-ready customers...Not only do you get your customers back so you can close them, but you also get bonus loan-ready customers based on your referral volume.  YOU WIN TWICE!  

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Send 100 turn downs OR tell 50 co-workers about us and receive your own personal FREE Advertising Campaign which normally generates 40+ bonus loan-ready customers.