Referral Marketing: A True Referral Advertising Program We Pay up to $10,000 for Loan Officer/Agent Advertising

Get 20% Credit Toward Free Referral Advertising on Each and Every Payment Your Referred Borrower Makes!

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This is a "Referrals-In-Exchange-For-Advertising Program" - Fill Your Pipeline Program

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Finally, loan officers and agents can earn mortgage referral leads via a true referral advertising ("referral marketing") network.  To get started, loan officers and agents simply refer borrowers who can't get approved for a loan.  Typically, issues are due to credit; down payment; job history; ID theft and legal issues.  Our goal is to return all referrals back to our loan officers and agents in "loan-ready" condition.  CLOSE MORE LOANS and real estate contracts.  Absolutely, referral marketing is the future.   As a matter of fact, it's one of the best B2B referral program ideas.

Who We Are And What We Do

Uniquely, this organization is not a lender or credit repair company.  But, we do specialize in assisting borrowers in removing obstacles which result in getting MORE loans APPROVED.  How so?  Our staff has a combined 25 years of credit, lending & real estate experience helping clients.  To drive home the point, we provide:

  • Second Chance Rental
  • Down Payment Assistance
  • Housing Education
  • Auto Rent Pay Enrollment
  • Auto Bill Pay Enrollment
  • DTI & Credit Use Ratio Advice
  • Credit Rebuilder Card
  • Credit Disputation Help
  • Credit Monitoring Enrollment
  • Credit Settlement & Deletion
  • ID Theft Resolution Help
  • Credit Monitoring Enrollment
  • Limited House Search Help
  • General Financial Counseling
  • Attorney Assistance for Doc Review, Civil Defense, Will Preparation, IRS Audit Protection (Plan)

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No doubt, referral advertising ("referral marketing") is here to stay.  Surely, having the right referral and advertising program - and techniques - in place makes sense.  Consider this, why burn cash for leads?  Instead, partner with a trusted company who can help you turn up the business volume via referral marketing.  Simply stated, we will help loan officers and agents get quality leads using a much better way.

Save Time and Have Someone Else Pay For Your Advertising

Truly, Home Sweet Home is dedicated to helping your referred borrowers own their own home.  Generally speaking, our staff is knowledgeable in resolving borrower issues.  Many real estate professionals work for free - burning up time and fighting headaches.

Certainly, we make it easy for loan officers and agents to submit referrals via our business referral website (program).  Most certainly, we will work with loan officers and agents with referred borrower issues.  When your same borrower referrals are "loan-ready", we will refer them back to the referral source to get real estate service and a loan.  On top of this, WE PAY for YOUR Advertising - just check out our referral marketing flyer - HERE.

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Referral Marketing

So, Why Use Referral Marketing / Referral Advertising Through Home Sweet Home?

Leaving the Mortgage Industry Pointing to A Computer for Job Searches

Home Sweet Home Will PAY For Loan Officer & Agent Referral Advertising

Definitely, no one can argue paying for leads can be expensive.  But, by working together, Home Sweet Home can help loan officers and agents get the referral advertising they need to compete.  The best part of all, we pay for the advertising based on the paying number of referrals submitted.

To clarify, we will pay for your advertising (using our referral advertising system) based on the number of referrals you send.  To be sure, the state and/or nationwide "Fill Your Pipeline Programs" are a referral marketing benefit to both loan officers and agents.  More pointedly, this referral program is specifically designed for referral marketing as well as referral advertising.  Depending on the program you choose, statewide and national-based referral advertising programs are available.  Additionally, this referral marketing program can potentially fill your pipeline with DOZENS of loans.  After all, asking for referrals is a key to business success.

I Need Leads NOW! I Want To Invest In Advertising NOW!

If you need leads NOW, then this would be the perfect way to do it!  One way which is very popular and affordable is by going in with co-workers, and then split up the leads that come from the advertising campaign. We can promise you would have plenty of customers to work with as this campaign normally brings in tremendous amounts of leads. Here are some facts about our advertising.

HSH does not purchase leads. Instead, we run advertising to generate leads. The leads are primarily people who are seeking a Realtor or Loan Officer and are looking to purchase a home. Many of them seek the assistance of a company like HSH that can help them loan qualify.  Best of all, we show you how to promote a referral program such as this to your clients.

On average, 20% are loan ready, 20% are bad leads. People with bad credit, low incomes who don’t want to invest in improving their situation and want everything for free. 60% are decent leads that have good incomes but have credit issues that need to be dealt with prior to getting loan approval. The whole point is to stuff as many potential loans in your pipelines, so you can convert many of those into loan closes. The campaigns normally bring in huge amounts of leads, hundreds sometimes. Call if you have any questions.

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    There are 3 Nationwide Advertising Campaigns available. For more information please see the enrollment form.

How Our Ads Work In Regards to Referral Advertising Efforts

In fact, Home Sweet Home is diligent about placing ads that generate a lot of referral traffic.  Of critical importance, our referral advertising takes into account high traffic keywords.  Not to mention, these keywords are SEO friendly and get top ranking on search engines. More notably, these ads are designed to produce high-quality mortgage leads of all credit grades.    Identically, qualified mortgage leads are what is most important in all cases.

How Referral Traffic Is Qualified Using 3 Major Determining Factors

All things being equal, income is by far the most important determinate in housing.

  • Firstly, and for the most part, incoming leads are checked for income (especially in light of local housing market prices).
  • Secondly, incoming leads are checked for at least 2 credit scores.
  • Thirdly, incoming leads are checked for "move-in costs and/or down payment funds being currently on hand.

Inquiring borrowers, who appear to immediately "loan-qualify" are referred to loan officers and/or agents for immediate loan/real estate servicing.  ONLY loan officers or agents (who are queued for their advertising window) immediately receive qualified inquiries.  Borrowers who are needing credit, legal, down payment or other pending resolution, will be pushed to enroll in the Home Ownership Program ("HOP").  Not to worry, loan officers and agents will be advised of who has enrolled for HOP.  Upon completing HOP, all borrowers are forwarded immediately to the queued loan officer or agent for servicing.